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Flying Duck Orchid Seed. Dont be a sucker and fall for this con!

Flying Duck Orchid Seed. Dont be a sucker and fall for this con!

As we have tried to educate people for years now , orchid seed cant be gathered, sold or grown by the average home gardener.

All orchid seed requires a vast laboratory to germinate the near impossible  to grow seed.


Fraudulent and dishonest sellers have been selling orchid seed online, particularly on ebay.

At $5 per serve times hundreds of sales  they are making a bit!

I originally purchased the seed and on inspection demanded a refund.

This is the only way to stop this con!

In most cases its cabbage seed. Thats real orchid seed on the right. How could you ever measure out ten seeds.

The only way to stop this con is to purchase the seed ,then demand a refund and leave negetive feedback on ebay. Thats ANY orchid seed.

I have been blocked by the sellers so can no longer deal with them myself.

Ebay refuses to deal with the issue and say their are not enough complaints.

WHY!  Because the time it  takes for the seed to germinate is too short for them to take action.

Australian sellers Buy the seed in "Good Faith" from China   But they are still importing it illegally without permits.  How do you import Australian Duck Orchid seed from China when its viability (Seed shelf life) is only a few weeks

How do you divide out ten seeds when they are near microscopic in real life


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    Hey! Just curious if youve had any issues with other plants?? What about the Naked Man?

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