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f#$%k WILL THIS NEVER END!!! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Part four

AS we knew this unusual very late cold spell was coming, in amongst all the other work, I arranged for all the budded Dendrobium speciosums to be relocated to the main nursery.

They would be safer there as I could close up th houses airtight and ever so slightly warmer.

All the 300 mm pots in advance bud where loaded into two vans and bought back here. We had started constructing the benches ready for the display in two weeks as shown below 2017 

The little vans contents were loaded into the main igloo about 30 plants.

Then we turned out attention to unloading the big van of about 100 more 300mm pots.

Now on another matter, three weeks ago we made the decision to stop people just walking in off the street unannounced.  Too many holiday makers and time waters, distracting staff and generally getting in the way of Australia post trucks and forklifts.   Turning away customers, are we mad?

We yes we are struggling to cope,not enough staff that truly know orchids well, so all the questions and ll come back to me (Wayne) and I end up serving them and not doing what I need to do such as ebay and this website or actually growing orchids. THis sign was created for the front gate.

 How well do you think it works?
Well it doesn't. It needs to be in every language it seems. 
We even put this on the website  
Cần Hẹn Trước Từ Thứ Hai Đến Thứ Sáu Vì Có Thể Đóng Cửa
Never saw it! they say.  3 carloads already today by 12pm thurs 30th 
SOOOOOO!  back to the main story
Just as we were going to offload the giant van of budded orchids a van load of monks from a buddist temple on the far far side of town turn up.
Its 3 in the afternoon , with the massive chill forcast for that night.
We are not open ,appointment only,too much work to do,cant serve you sorry.
I might as well have spoken in Russian to them.
We have travelled so far so you cant send us away with letting us buy!
THey purchase nearly everything in sight. 
So i left my staffer with then and they stayed 2 1/2 hours. No unloading done.
Oh well the big vans airtight , they should be fine.





So in summery. 100 x 300mm pots, some with ten spikes burnt.
All spikes lost and not much hope of a mass display now.
Forget the beer, where's the scotch . Im going home to hide under the bed.

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  • Mary Tang on

    I would have asked the van full of monks to help unload the orchids THEN sell them everything they can see. They would have gladly done it.

  • Ash Cooper on

    Ah ! The price yuh pay for being successful. Keep up the great work and I hope you received some good KARMA from the monks.

  • Melanie on

    I cannot imagine how I would feel having to deal with so much devastation. Especially as this is your livelihood. I’d put up a bigger sign saying you are closed to retail sales and visitors. No exceptions.
    We all know how to use eBay and your website. You are not a tourist attraction for time wasters having “a nice day out”. Everyone can wait for your open days and displays.
    Not that I should be telling you how to run your business.
    Chin up and best of luck.

  • June Anderson on

    Feel so sorry for you Wayne and Lisa – just awful.

  • Wendy on

    I feel for you Wayne. I lose one or two piddly little things and it upsets me (well- a little bit anyway) but to have all that happen – must be devastating. But, you just get yourself up and get going again even though it means a hell of a lot of work but I am sure they are all worth saving even if no decent flowers this year. You should see the sad little plants I try and salvage sometimes but for me it’s still a learning curve and I do have some wins. Best of luck with it all and hope all turns out well for you – and your orchids – in the end.

    Wendy MacLeod

    PS I am definitely with you on the Scotch part !!!

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