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Ec meters PPM metres for fertilizers a dummies guide to using (Thats me)!

ec meters PPM meters a dummies guide to using (Thats me)!

Ok so they seem a bit complex.


So this is how to use one .Its so bloody simple, forget the instructions and calibration solutions.

Measure up some fertilizer made up in water to your usual strength as shown on packet instructions.

Then dip the unit in the solution and take a reading.

Then in the tank you are going to use, just simply match that by adding fertiler until the same measurement is met. It doesnt matter if its a 100litre tank or a million. Just match the reading!

 These meters are really for people that want to use rainwater tanks or pump from large vats of made up fertiliser.

For mine in our 25000 litre water tank I am looking for an ec of between  0.9 and 1.1  mc  or millisemens.  That takes 22.5 kilos of Peters excel fertizer.

Thats then simply pumped around the nursery for watering.

You can sample the water in the cap of the metre or simply dip away.

Although I have been known to drop a meter in the tank ,so maybe use the cap.

My meters have cost an average of $200. 

We now sell them for only $15 and $25

They come supplied with 4 batteries and full instructions.

If you use bore or dam water thay are great for testing just how salty the water is before you add extra salty fertilizer.

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