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Dockrillia Orchid Growing fact sheet cultivation notes


Dockrillia fact Sheet


Dockrillias are a relatively new genus having been removed from the Genus Dendrobium only very recently.

They differ from normal Australian Dendrobiums in that the leaves and canes gave been fused to form a solid tube or ‘Rat Tail’


The other noticeable difference is that the blooms are upside down to what we know as normal.


In the wild they occur as far Sth as eastern Tasmania (Bicheno) and as far North as the tip of Cape York. There are about 25 or so species in the genus.


A few may be grown in shallow pots or terra cotta trays but most are best suited for mounting


The hosts or mounts we recommend are either black Cyathea tree fern slabs or slabs of cut virgin cork. Both are available from our nursery.

See the Dry good section.


A little homework is needed before either mounting or potting to find out what it is you have purchased.. Dockrillia striolata is a rock face grower and

Is best mounted on Cyathea.

Dockrillia bowmannii prefers Cork as does the unusual cucumberinum 



Dockrillias require a little more water than typical Dendrobiums mainly because they are mounted


Feeding is with Peters Excel Hi K year round at 1 gram per liter of water. Cyathea mounts can be soaked in a bucket for better absorbency.



At the Australian orchid nursery we have Australia's largest selection with over 500 mounts available at ant one time and thousands of seed raised tube stock.


Correct names and spelling

Dockrillia bowmanii    Dockrillia brevicauda    Dockrillia calamiformis  Dockrillia casuarinae   Dockrillia caudiculata   Dockrillia chordiformis Dockrillia convoluta   Dockrillia crispata   Dockrillia cucumerina        Dockrillia delicata     Dockrillia desmotrichoides    Dockrillia dolichophylla  Dockrillia fairfaxii    Dockrillia flagellum    Dockrillia X foederata          Dockrillia fuliginosa    Dockrillia nothofageti    Dockrillia nugentii     Dockrillia pugioniformis    Dockrillia racemosa       Dockrillia ridgida Dockrillia schoenina    Dockrillia striolata     Dockrillia teretifolia        Dockrillia vagans     Dockrillia wassellii

Regards Wayne Turville


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  • Graeme Lamont on

    I have a dockrillia that has a number of keikis on it. I have not seen this before is it unusual?

  • Cheryl o’Keefe on

    I live in Melbourne l have Den Dockarilla Amythaon what position to place it please morning sun afternoon sun no sun shade house ???? Never flowered had it for 4 years grown heaps.

  • Joan Goatley on

    Hello, I have been given a an Dockrillia Pegioniformis as a gift but it is in need of a lot of TLC what would you recommend that I do to bring it back to being healthy again. I live in Victoria and I need some advise. I have grown Cymbidium before. Thank You Joan

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