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Dividing a ten year old untouched precious orchid

Certain orchids in our collections occationally seem to precious to touch.
Ive had two that were left as specimens and breedstock plants for 10 years or more
One was Dendrobium Ivory 'Deepest Orange' ( The parent of Dendrobium Henk Van den Berg and Dendrobium Australian Gold Starburst) and the other was an awarded Ronald Banks 'Tyabb' HCC/AOC
Both were purchased from Bill Apeema at the then B and T Fern and orchids. Both were planted into large old Cyathea tree fern stump pots as long term display orchids.
But allas,after ten or so years they have tired and need division,so here we go!!
They were then potted into our new giant italian web pots   sizes   #2 and #3  and staked heavily.
Yes you really can be fairly ruthless and sacrifice most of the root sytemn.
It will quickly grow back and be stronger and fresher than ever.
 When I get a ittle time ill photograph the final pot ups.

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  • Anne-Maree on

    That’s amazing! You made that division seem so simple. What wonderfully forgiving orchids. I can’t wait til mine are big enough to divide up and then I can refer back to this. Thank you for putting this on your site :)

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