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Dendrobium speciosum Display specimen pots and what not to do.

Question from a customer


Thank you for your reply. 

I am interested in Dendrobiums speciosum. I have matured this orchids, around 1 meter spread in 40 cm pot, but I don't want to break a terracotta pot.

Could you please tell a way to divide in stead of breaking a pot ?

I love this orchid. low maintenance and beautiful flower. 



Beautiful ornamental display potslook great.

Obviously better than yuk black plastic.

The issue arrises when they are left to long and need to be divided.

Its happened to me also,so no judgement here.

Smashing the pot is the only option.

Arr!! the pot may have been worth hundreds.

Never use a pot that's narrower at the top than the middle.

The black un potted one on the right seems fine!

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