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Dendrobium speciosum grandiflorum 'Katrina' From Mick Korzenowski

Den. speciosum var. grandiflorum    ' Katrina'
  ( Creek Aureum x Beranghi Gold )

Den. speciosum var. grandiflorum    ' Katrina'   ( Creek Aureum x Beranghi Gold )

I purchased 6 advanced seedlings at Ted Walmsleys speciosum show about 15 years ago.The cross appealed to me as i have always regarded the parents as quality orchids.
I think the cross was made by Ted and Tony Blewitt. My documentation is pretty slack and i rely on my memory. I only put the the dates that i repot on the labels to help with the future repoting.

I would rather be in the Bush with a couple of my Mates than keep written check on my orchids. That is the way i am.  
After waiting patiently for about 5 years the first seedling finally flowered and wow  a great  colour. The next year a few more flowered and only one had the great color. Of the cross i only kept 3 and the
rest  found their way to the sales table.
Until i placed the orchids on the show bench with the other  grandiflorums i did not realise how orange they were. David Butler and the late Brian Gerhard asked me for some flowers  for breeding .
Sometime next year i finally decided to name the orchids. The first flowered  was named 'RITA'  after my dear wife and the second after my eldest daughter 'KATRINA'.and the third after my youngest 'SHELLY'.
In the mean time David and Brian had made crosses using the name Mick's orange. So if you see any seedlings  with that name it is using Katrina.Most of the breeding has been done using 'KATRINA'

'RITA"is a touchy orchid and does not want to cooperate in the growing or flowering. A bad grower hard to get growing when divided. Just sits there.

'KATRINA' is a doll, grows and flowers easy. A real robust grower .That is in my opinion a real plus. Only one using for breeding.

'SHELLY' has a bad habit of a droopy raceme the colour is not as good as the others.

A word of warning. Put a lot of thought in to naming your orchids as it can bite you in the bum.   CHOOSE WISELY.
I have given pieces of "KATRINA' to my friends as i dont believe in hoarding a good thing.I believe that what goes around comes around.
You never know when  and how you can lose a plant and you can get a bit back from your mates.
Cant wait to some of 'KATRINAS' children '. If the colour comes  through WOW. Now going bush flowering time.

Regards Mick Korzenowski.


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  • Hanah Le Smith on

    I want to make order gradiflorum Katrina dendrobium
    And how much?
    Thank you.

  • William (Bill) Dobson on

    The interesting thing about this cross, which has produced some interesting progeny, is the mating of 2 different Den speciosum var. grandiflorum. Beranghi Gold is from the lowland at Mt Larcom which is a stones throw from the sea and has some really carrot colour grandiflorums. BUT, the more colourful the worse the shape, generally. Now to the southwest of here is Kroombit Tops National Park and by far the best, shape wise, grandiflorums come from here. So to combine these should have the chance of some genetic material coming thru. However as in the wild many, many plants would have to be produced and the chance that one would turn out a cracker is small. Well Katrina is this plant and is far and away the most colourful and best shape together that I have seen. To use this for breeding should produce some amazing plants.

  • Vlad Matovic on

    Thanks Wayne for posting this blog.
    Thanks to Mick for sharing thoughts, If it isn’t shared we would never know it.

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