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Blue dyed orchids . How bloody aweful and tacky . Isnt 140 years of hybridising enough!

Blue  orchids. 

Dyed blue that is!

How bloody aweful and tacky.

Please dont ring us at "The Australian Orchid Nursery" and ask for blue orchids.

They are cut flowers and should be arranged through a flower broker or local florist.

Isnt 140 years of hybridising enough!

We have (thats hybridists) produced some of the most amazing colous and shapes in hybrid orchids in 140 years .

From what visable in the jungles around the world to what currently for sale the difference is amazing.

4N giant Cymbidiums, vinicolour black Paphs, giant saucer sized Phallies, but people always want something newer and quirky.

So now after a few years of dyed cut flower Singapore Orchids (Hardcane Dendrobiums) as shown below, dyed living Phalaenopsis are showing up in Asia.(Top photo)


It seems that dye is injected straight into the living stem of the raceme to produce the blue blooms.

One person on another blog complained that the newer racemes that had grown the follow year produced white blooms. 

Blue is the rarest colour in nature and should never be taken for granted.

Blue roses are another Fantasy.

It seems even Cymbidiums can be dyed after the spikes have been cut. This only works with pure colour white Cyms like Dural Snow 'Purity'




Its the colour of Lisa and i's favorite Australian Butterfly  'The Dunk Island Uylleses' .

If you want blue ,this is the best way to see it .

Flashing and flapping through the tropical trees.

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  • Vousie on

    What? So genetically inbreeding and hybridyzing plants to be completely different colours than in nature is fine, but injecting a little bit of colour and suddenly that’s completely wrong?
    The orchids we see tday are so different to the wild ones that they are essentially man-made.
    Either you like only wild colours or hybridyzing and colouring are both ok.
    This inbreeding is just as unnatural as dyeing them and on top of that, it often makes the plants weaker.

  • Val on

    BLUE… how horrible leave the orchid colours alone they are beautiful

  • Alan M on

    There has also been a lot of work to genetically engineer some of the rarer colors by inserting genes, (phals) apparently they have now had some success although I am yet to see them flow through into the mass market — hopefully they wont clone.

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