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Sarcochilus dilatatus 'Lily' FCC/AOC Bill Dobson's FCC/AOC

Here is a little about it;


“I obtained this plant from west of Gladstone Queensland in 2009 where its family grows in vine thickets which get heaps of rain in the summer months and is a lot drier in the winter months when the temperature can drop down to single figures at night.

I grow this hanging about 2.0m above the ground in my bush-house under 2 layers of 50% woven green shade-cloth. It gets fertilised with Peters Excel Finisher at 1.5gm/l every week as all my plants do. I have been watering my small epiphytes and Den. tetragonum plants nightly, except when it has rained, and this year it started flowering early February. Since then more inflorescences pushed out and flowers opened to have 27 fully opened flowers that were pretty much all even in size, there are still another 25 buds to come. What a little surprise packet considering the whole plant is only 70mm high and 90mm wide

In previous years it has produced 3 or 4 inflorescences but this year with a very hot (not by Qld standards though) summer followed by what seems like weeks of rain. Since Christmas, 2-1/2 month ago,

With the rain we have had in Sydney I almost cancelled going to ANOS Sydney Group’s meeting but wanted other members to see it, and I couldn’t pass up a presentation on Sarcochilus from David Banks which was one of the most informative and entertaining evenings I have had in the last 30 years.

The icing on the cake was to have the plant awarded, FCC/ANOS 87.3 points, and a ACC/ANOS 87.3 (cultural award). On the following Monday night we took the plant along to Ku-Ring-Gai Orchid Society so the OSNSW judges, and the members, could see it as well. It was awarded an FCC/OSNSW-AOC as well. So my wife and I are pleased to say the least”.


Best regards


Bill Dobson

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  • Ian Broughton on

    What an amazing, and intriguing, little Sarc. Well done Bill, thanks for sharing the story behind your awards.

  • Murray Jane on

    Is the above Bill Dobson Orchid in stock/for sale. Thanks.


  • Boof on

    So interesting. Well deserved awards . Good to see patience and keen observance paid off.

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