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Bigwig! My all time favorite colony of Dendrobium speciosum. Central Tilba NSW

Bigwig! My all time favorite colony of Dendrobium speciosum. Central Tilba NSW

We found this colony of Dendrobium speciosum speciosum by accident while studying the forest and horizan from the cetral Tilba lookout . 
The one up the back of the famous Tilba pub from River Cottage Australia.
Just walk up the road/hill behind the pub and look Sth  Youll see Bigwig easily.
Even an 80 year old can easily access the lookout as its only a 3 minute walk.


Theiving orchid rats havent been able to access the colony and steal it.

The entire mountainside of Mount Dromadary "Guluga'" is alive with this orchid.

If you look carefully at the photo above you can see where giant sheets of speciosum have seperated from the grantite and slid down the the waiting hungry cows below

The photo below is a younger me risking life and limb to get a good photo

Many many years later myself and 5 orchid friends including Mitch Karnaghan and Ed Ruiz went back to little Guluga just 3 kilometers away to study these orchids again. Nearly stood on a snake,I backed into a Gympea stinging tree and swore for weeks, and we all hung from stupidly dangerous cliffs tring for the best photo.

One of the best days of my life! 

Here's Mitch with he's Lantana and snake stick!

Ed looking like Indiana Jones

And myself about to be stung by Jumping Jack ants behind that speciosum


And from 3 kilometers away with a telephoto lense, there was bigwig, 15 years later and healthier than ever.

What a great day for all

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