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Aust.Rhubarb Pie “Sensational” x speciosum Windermere.

   Hi Wayne. Hope you and your family are all well.  I have flowered a seedling from you being:  Aust.Rhubarb Pie “Sensational”  x speciosum Windermere.  I have attached a pic. Have you named this cross? Appreciate your time. Cheers ern

This cross is our.

But was registered by David Cannon.

Dendrobium Speckles Sunset




Speckles Sunset

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Registrant Name


Originator Name


Date of registration

Seed parent Pollen parent
Genus Dendrobium Dendrobium
Epithet Australian Rhubarb Pie speciosum

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  • John on

    Hi Wayne, the Originator should be AON if it is your cross. This should be corrected by David Cannon. It is poor form not to give credit where it is due. Also what is the point of having records if they are false or incorrect?
    Breeders should not be cheated of recognition for their insights and hard work. What is needed is penalties to apply for providing false declarations to the RHS. We hear of illegitimate claims and registrations more and more – it needs to stop.

    Regards john

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