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An amazing Dendrobium speciosum colony in far southern NSW

An amazing Dendrobium speciosum colony
Some years ago a customer sent us these amazing photos from Nelson Creek far up the Brogo Dam
Its about an 1  1/2 hour paddle westward from the picnic ground and on the day we went we encountered a nasty lightning storm that saw me in the middle of the dam with an aluminium paddle.
The area surrounding Brogo Dam is heavily treed in dry Schlerophyll forest and there are no cliffs or boulders to be seen anywhere. After a long long paddle smashing monster marchflies all the way, we could finally see some cliffs up a side creek.
The colonies of Dendrobium speciosum speciosum and Dockrillia striolata had been badly torn apart by rougue collectors ,but there were still plenty of plants.
Mitch Karnaghan and Ed Ruiz who went with me were smart enough to have a battery powered canoe

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  • Mitch Karnaghan on

    Well well what a day that was sunny to start with thunderstorm to finish with and didn’t Mr T paddle like a mad man while the lightning was hitting all around him we thought he was going to be a crispy critter good paddling sir !. The speciosums that are on the south coast are mainly white to a cream colour and sometimes if you are lucky yellow this also is in the size of the flower they range from 60mm to 90mm , these plants are a great pleasure to see in full bloom in the wild so get out there ask people from orchid clubs if they know where to find them . Thank you very much Mr T for your photos and your posts about orchids

  • Vlad M. on

    That’s going to spring me in action.
    Yet when I look at them in situ I don’t want too..

    Thank you for sharing these photos with us.
    Kind regards

  • Graham Jackson on

    The south coast of N.S.W has many colonies of speciosum to be found. My block has a few on the granite bolders on the southen side of the hill. They range from white at the top of hill to a yellow down the bottom. I was unaware they were there until I went for a bush walk and smelt them before following my nose to find the plants. Most plants were in full bloom and what a site and smell. I have found over the 9 years of checking them out the plants at the top in more light flower every season and some in the darker zones I have yet to see have a flower. Nature is Fantastic
    Cheers Graham

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