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Amazing root systemn with these new web pots

Amazing root systemn with these new web pots


The orchid by The way is Dendrobium Bill Dobson

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  • michael price on

    Can you please explain what you mean by double potting under 100mm , do you place 80mm pots that have seedlings in them) into 100mm pots and then do you fill the gap with bark? I just cant picture what you mean ?

  • Graham Jackson on

    I have used these pots for one year and amazed at not only the root growth but the health, growth and quality of plants and flowers. I also double pot all my plants in less than 100mm pots with great results. Good strong root systems develop between the pots and cope with the hot summer days producing new growth through out the growing season. Just like putting insulation bats in your house. Next test is to double pot some of these great web pots and see what happens

  • Chris Price on

    After receiving several plants from you in these new web pots and seeing the amazing root growth i am now doing all my potting up this way. Thanks Wayne

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