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All about our once off specials. And we want your feedback! Part one

All about our once off specials. And we want your feedback!
Around 6 years ago an unknown new customer arrived at the nursery and asked was it ok fro a home gardener to purchase our wholesale products,in particular our 20 Cym tray at 50% off retail. Yes that was fine.
A week later she returned for another. Then 2 weeks after that she returned and asked to buy 10 trays our choice. I asked did she have a nursery or was she selling then ar a market. 
She looked worried, and then picking up on that I appoligised and said it was none of my business. 
This went on for months and she became one of our largest wholesalers.
Then!  My son mentioned that someone was making a killing WITH our orchids on a thing called Ebay.
Never heard of it i said.
I had a look and the customer was selling orchids bought from us for $4.40 for a whopping $34 and getting it!
Well that was it,Im into this lerk!
For 6 years we made a killing selling things for far more than you could buy them anytime at our website
Why bid, and re bid, and slug it out and then wait up to 10 days for the auction to finish when the same items were at our website for purchase cheaper anytime. I just didnt understand it. It must be the thrill of the chase.
But recently Ebay have killed the golden goose!  First they pushed and promoted 'Buy It Now' over the auctions. So you could "win" the item instead of bidding.
Whats the point when you have a website that does just that?
Up went the fees again and down went the buy it now fees to get you to take up an Ebay Shop. Most of my competitors went that way.
Then, more recently they have promoted the major national and multi national stores with 10/20% off sales at those stores.
Thats not why I used ebay.
So what to do!  As always there is another way.
We sucked it up and walked away from ebay.
It hurt finicially for a few months. Then the idea of daily once off specials came about and off we went.
AS with anything new it takes a while for our customers to adapt to new ways .
Now after 4 months its all a lot of fun. Very frustrating for some with only 1 offered and some very very fast typers out there.
So now we have settled in and tweeked it to occure at the same time so the retirees dont get all the specials. But its here we need you advise
Just what time is best?   WE need continuity of work, so once a week is no good.
5 seems easy for most as before tea for mums, and retirees its beer o clock
One change thats starts today is a 1 minute spacing between sales
Please email via this blog with a comment as to when should we list them
I have also considered speciosum sunday and Sarcochilus and Cymbidium Saturday

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  • Geoff on

    Have wasted 2 hours over last four days. Nothing to show as my typing is with two fingers. Some great bargains – all of which I missed out on. Back to Ebay for me. Good luck to all.

  • Ray Gudzinski on

    Hi Wayne,
    Dumping E Bay was the best decision you ever made.I purchased regularly ,mainly AON stock,but the bidding system made the plants very expensive and the quality from your competitors was sadly non existant.
    After 4 months of tweaking the one off specials I think you have hit the nail on the head.I have a business spraying 2pak kitchens and would stop spraying once an hour to look at my computer, so fixed time suits me better and production has gone up. I think the specials need to be done 7 days a week as it appears the demand is very strong and the 5pm time wont suit everyone but neither will 4pm or 6pm.
    I like the idea of all orchid types appearing on the same night,it gives you a chance to see what else is available.
    As far as fast typers go,I have been fairly successful with specials,but its more to do with knowing the orchid names.I read the description and instantly have made the decision to buy or not.If I have to look at the photo,most times its gone.But, keep looking because some of the big name orchids are repeated again and you may pick it up next time.
    I think the specials system is working well now,but as the popularity keeps growing,you may have to tweak again.
    Good Luck.

  • Debra Jackman on

    Yay I got to buy one of the specials! What a treat another one of your cleanup/tired plant packs, just a little bit of love and attention and they come up as good as new. I found some real gems in these packs! Thank you AON.

  • Angelina on

    Aahhh the quick and the dead when it comes to these plants! If you like it, don’t hesitate! I’ve even bought ones that didn’t even have the image loaded up yet lol. I’m pretty damn quick on the keyboard but when the signal lets you down, you miss out. There are SO many things that I would have liked to get but missed out … in some ways that’s good … means I don’t have to take out another loan to pay for my purchases :) Putting up limited releases of larger sized unflowered seedlings is good too ie 10 of cross xyz gives an opportunity for us to buy those ones that you were holding onto but have decided to sell.

  • Ian Broughton on

    Hi Wayne
    We who are unfortunate enough to have to work for a living (to buy more orchids and build more space for even more orchids) AND who happen to live in the West with a 2/3 hour time difference have no hope at all. Random times may give us a slim chance.

    That said, it’s still fun (to look through the one-offs and see what I’ve missed out on buying – I’m a masochist.

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