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After 8 years Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Angus' has been cloned.

After being purchased from Henk Van den berg as a tiny tiny backcut we at AON have grown Angus up to a size now where it has been sent away to be cloned.


Flora propergation reported that he extracted 10 eyes   ( a near record number), so its guarranteed one will work.

It should be ready for sale by 2020   yes I said 2020

Not many people understand how long the cloning process takes.

The little orchids then need to be grown to a saleble size, which is about 2 years from flask.

So maybe 2021 !!!

The issue has always been its great monetry value and the risk off loss by cloning its foward lead.

It took 6 years before we could divide it and another two years to grow both pieces safely to cloning size.

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  • John Newitt on

    Congratulations Wayne, it’s a beautiful thing. Great planning. Put me down for one!

  • Sommataya on

    OMG! I love it, please please let me have some when you make more of them.

  • Sami BUrton on

    This is the most awesomely beautiful Speciosum ever. Is it available to pre-order and if so, please put my name on the list. Luv it, luv it, luv it….

  • Adrian Davis on

    What an amazing orchid. I hope I am fortunate enough to get one when they do become available!

  • Colin G on

    Well done Wayne.

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