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9h Australasian Orchid Conference and Show 21st-25th August

 9th Australasian Orchid Conference and Show 21st-25th August



Registration now open. Further information at


The Australian Orchid Nursery is unable to attend due to heavy sales during this period.

Conferences will be a reality for us on retirement in 18/24 months!!




  • High Ground Orchids
  • Earth to Joy Orchids
  • Orchidaceous Supplies
  • Sunnyview Orchids
  • Windemere Bromeliad & Orchid Nursery
  • Orchid Mania
  • Sakdisri & Daughters Nursery





Friday August 23rd


9.25 am Opening by Chairman of the Conference Dr. Peter Adams


9.30 am  Session 1: Warm growing Australian and Australasian epiphytes

Noel Grundon – ANOS and The Orchadian – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Robert Reitano. Dendrobium – growing warm sections in sub-tropical and temperate zones.

Peter Adams – A new classification for Dendrobium bigibbum.


1 pm     Session 2: Cool growing Dendrobium species and hybrids

David Cannon – Australian native orchid hybridising – where have we come from?

Callyn Farrell – Australian dendrobiums – culture and breeding strategies.


Saturday August 24th


9.30 am   Session 3: Australian Aeridinae (Sarcochilus and allies)

Roslyn Capell – Aeridinae  hybrids.

Matt Renner – Getting up close and personal with Australian Aeridinae: a functional perspective on flower morphology.


1 pm     Session 4: Australian terrestrial orchids – conservation and culture

Helen Richards – Seasonal Australian terrestrial orchids.

Neil Anderton – Conservation projects for endangered terrestrial orchids.


Sunday August 25th


9.30 am  Session 5:  ANOS Judging

Dave Groffen – Judging Dendrobium section Spatulata.

Sheryl Lawson – Judging Aeridinae.

Further speakers TBA.


There will time allowed for extensive discussion at the end of each session.


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