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Melbourne weather!

watering equipment

Give us a break Mother Nature!  It makes it very hard to grow and produce commercial quality orchids when the temperature reached near 50 degrees Celsius in the igloos.


How do they get so hot? It’s because there isn’t enough wind to push out the hot air gathering inside and the temp just goes up and up. Especially higher near the rafters where we hang so much of our stock.


Once the strong northerly arrive the hot air is thankfully blown out. This is why it is important to have plenty of ventilation and shade cloths to allow the heat to dissipate. It’s not so much the light factors, but the straight radiant heat that does the damage.


Albino orchids (with no anthocyanin pigment to protect them) and some species from higher altitudes (such as Dendrobium falcorostrum and Dendrobium speciosum curvicuale) that suffer from burnt leaf margins.


Plenty of humidity helps and we use and recommend these two products to help you.

Both are for sale on this site. 

1/ a maximum   minimum thermometer to help you watch upper limits even if you’re not there.


2/ Fogg it nozzles that allow you to spray mist throughout the hot days  



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