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Bee Orchid,Dracula Orchid,White Egret Orchid,Monkey face Orchid seeds..Fraud con orchid seed sellers.

All new varieties and all new photos. These cheats dont give up.
Read my new ebay blog as well. 

Please dont fall for this cheap, nasty con and fraud.
With 45 years full time experience in orchid culture and sales, I promise you these orchid seed sales are a blatent con. Monkey face,White Egret, Flying Duck, Little man naked man, Bee orchid from Thailand, Dracula orchid  are all cons.
I have purchesed the seed from within Australia and all the seed was fraudulent. It had been imported and onsold, or even worse , simply drop shipped straight from China.
One seller even admitted she was aproached to drop ship directly from a Chinese sellar and share the profits.

Growing  orchid seed is extremely complex and difficult depending on rare natural funguses that occure where these unusual and usually rare orchid occure.

WE have a $100,000 constructed orchid seed raising lab and even I wouldnt attempt to grow these from seed.

99% of the sales are fron China ad I think that says it all.

Find an unusual photo that has people talking on social media  then sell them any seed you like and call it what you like.   Before they have any chance of germinating your dispute time window is up and you are conned out of your money.

Others buy the seed in larger lots,decant them into smaller lots to sell locally and fraud continues.  They say bought in good faith!

For a start its illegal to import seed into 98% of all countries without a customs and quarrantine permit.
So even buying these seeds from outside China is very very likely breaking quarrantine laws leaving you open to prosocution.

Obvious difference between fake Chinese Orchid seed and true terrestrial orchid seeds. Tiny Orchid seed on right.Tags:

So how to stop them? eBay is a giant multinational company that seems disinterested. I have spent hours reporting the scam, but it's a waste of time.
Probably because they still make money out of the sales.
So go and buy the seed, then on delivery take out a dispute for incorrect item.
Get your money back from PayPal (usually only $3-$5) and then leave the all-important negative feedback.
Go hard with what you say

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  • Michael Roads on

    Do you sell monkey face orchid, Dracula simia PLANTS . . . not the seed.

  • Julie on

    Glad I wanted to find out if I could successfully grow the egret orchid from seed in western Australia because I found this post… a million times thank you

  • billiejo Lear on

    Ebay? They are everywhere… literally everywhere! Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, all over google, everywhere! Fake seeds galore and they fly under the internet scam line so they are able to continue with no consequences! :( I want to buy the rare orchid seeds. Who has them? Flasking is my new love. Finding seeds… not so much!

  • willy berkhof on

    I have been reading your comments and did not purchase seeds from China, because I distrust their seeds.
    I there anywhere in australia where you can buy swaddled baby orchids or Monkey face orchids ?
    Have a lovely day
    Regards Willy

  • Lyn Guascoine on

    Hi. I would love to purchase monkey face orchids seeds. I live in country Victoria and have a hot house, would like to try and grow them. Please advise me. Many thanx.

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