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Cold damage on orchids. Re published as relevant 26.06.2019 Frost and cold damage on Orchids. PART ONE .



 On Monday  the 3rd  July 2017  Melbourne had its coldest night in 30 years. Here at the nursery we recorded Minus 4  .

Stay tuned as ths blog will progress as more and more damage shows 

Damage is not a huge loss, as I was prepared and had all the nurseries igloos closed down tight. Unfortunatly and unpredictably most of the damage was on the orchids hanging on the barb wire strands up high. Why?, because they were closest to the frozen ice and frost on the igloo skins. Like standing too close to a radiator , but in reverse!! I though higher would be safer, but not the case.

Certain corners copped it worse than others, and plants in the centre of the igloos fared better.

Dendrobium hybrids with Kayla in their backgrounds copped it far worse than other natives with total bud and raceme collapse.

Sarcochilus as always hated it and developed watery leasions.Thank goodness 90% where in a seperate heated igloo made for |Sarcs in winter. 

We expect these negive 3-4.c nights once every 14 years or so and this one, like a good earthquake was overdue.

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  • Vlad on

    And I thought I had problems…I would be very sad if it happend to me.

  • Mary Tang on

    Sorry for your loss. Thank you for the warning; I did not know that sacs hate the cold and I have them hanging against the south facing wall! Fortunately we don’t get frost and though we got 6º nights in Sydney they seem to be taking the cold in their stride. Those are mostly seedlings. The only orchid that seems to be stressed is the Sharri Baby.

  • Debra Jackman on

    That is heart breaking! Thank you for the warning. I have moved all my Sarcs and tropicals into my sun room so they should be ok. All my Phals are happily spiking so I hope the Sarcs enjoy living with them.
    Also on another note I bought your little orchid book you published, wow what a great read and super helpful! It is the best orchid book I have, just wish I got you to sign it first!

  • Ian Broughton on

    It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running your nursery, or how many frost events you’ve endured, dealing with something like that is just awful and the impact on your business and livelihood can be felt for many months. I hope things turn around for you very quickly.

  • Di James on

    So can I mount dendrobiums on an old Oregon board amongst my elk horn ferns? The board lives under the eaves and gets plenty of light. It is a tad windy there sometimes. If I can, which ones would be best?

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