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Dendrobium tetragonum. Starry Starry days. Its tetragonum hybrid time in early winter!




 Many many of these now are being sold by us on ebay! Keep an eye out for auctions. 

Ah I love early winter as that's when all my favorite tetragonum based hybrids bloom.  Highly fragrant and cheery on a cold dark winters day. 

Every morning we are finding 5-10 more in bloom and the colour range is sirprising. It is beond beleif how many red lipped tet hybrids have come from a single red lipped seedling of tetragonum 25 years or so ago.

Here is its story as told by Issy Klein 

At this point I would like to recount the story of the discovery of the 'red lip' form of D. tetragonum var. giganteum as told to me by Sid Bachelor, who line-bred it to produce some most desirable cultivars. He told me that a school teacher, Mr. Bas Borger, who taught at a single-teacher school in a little town called Kookaburra, found the red lip form on the Carrai Plateau west of Kempsey. These orchids found their way to Noel Jupp, who crossed one called 'Kennedy's variety' with another called 'Barker's variety'.

Sid Bachelor bought six of these seedlings from Noel and managed to get two of them to breed. Some of the progeny had pink lips, so he tested them in his hybridising program and also used them for line breeding. One plant, D. tetragonum 'Yondi #1', turned out to be prepotent for the red labellum, producing a high percentage of red-lip hybrids. Furthermore the more he line-bred the more intense the red colour became. In the course of this discussion the red-lipped form of D. tetragonum will crop up time and again.

Tetragonum based hybrids have very small growth eyes at the base of their canes. These are very susuptable to tiny slugs and snals eating these eyes.

As such no new growths form. Keep them well slugouted! I also hang most of my better stock plants as this makes it harder for the molluscs to reach to new growths.

Dendrobium (Australian Chocolate Starfish 'Gloss Red' x Starsheen 'Terra Cotta) 'Hoatzin'

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