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Update 2020 Cork Bark and cork bark tubes. The perfect home for reptiles, nesting birds and mounting orchids.


WE are now down to 10% cork left.

Dont hesitate.


reprinted from 2017

Hello and big news.  03.09.2017

Eighteen pallets of the finest cork bark flats and tubes are now being unpacked at AON

It is the LAST consignment too be imported due to new extra strict quarrantine laws.

We paid a premium price for the finest handselected pieces and they will become available soon.


We have always had Virgin Cork Bark for sale here at the Nursery.

Just click on the cork word in 'Shop By Type"

Cork is a very useful material, especially as it makes the most ideal mount for dry growing orchids. That are those that normally come from areas of lower rainfall or areas of high monsoon that may be dry for 9 months of the year. Examples in mind are Dockrillias from the western side of the Great Dividing Range such as bowmannii, and fleshier Dockrillias such as lingiuiformis, cucumerimum and other succulent orchids.  Rupicosious Laelias are another that respond well. Actually I have found that all the Cattleya alliance love attaching themselves to it and flower well.


Our selection for sale is here


What makes virgin and second peel cork so useful are that no insect of fungus seems to attack it. The mounts usually stay in perfect condition for years and years.Reptile and turtle and frog collectors love it as its virtually sterile and light as well very sculptural in appearance. It also makes an excellent home for insects and spiders in tanks. I personally have a pet red back spider in a cork tube within a scorpion tank here in the office at the nursery.


Over the years we have sold virgin cork for many uses. Zoos, aquariums and even a music sound recording studio (to deaden excess sound!). It is often hard to find where to buy cork bark, sometimes very expensive, and quantities are often limited.

The reason for this is that the Cork Oak Trees (Quercus subur) takes 60 years to mature before it can be harvested. Then and only once, can it be harvested of the "Virgin" cork. The rough and sculptured virgin cork bark is visually very attractive with its deep grooves and lines.

Then after 10 more years the tree can be harvested again, but then it becomes "Second peel' and looks very different. More woody and less ridged. It is usually cheaper and thicker. Suited to slicing through its thickness like a loaf of bread.

The third crop is "Cork Tubes". These are the rarest and hardest to obtain as they come only from well dead trees that have been allowed to rot out, leaving only the 'Gloves" of cork bark!   These are perfect for quirky pets to hide and sleep in! We have thousands of individual pieces for sale. Maybe phone us and we will help you find the perfect piece.


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  • dianne on

    Hi there, i have a bearded dragon and would like to buy a couple pieces of cork wood to place in his tank.. Do you have any available and what is the cost.. I live on the Sunshine coast… i look forward to your reply cheers Di

  • Scott on

    My message to you is I live in Sydney Australia at Blacktown 2148 where can I get cheap cork bark from thank you 0424 745 115

  • Wayne Turville on

    mORE Product added daily

  • Lynne on

    Hi. I saw cork backing for orchids, etc, for the first time today at an Orchid show in Toowoomba. qld. The demonstrator suggested I google Cork bark and you came up. How much are the pieces, both small and larger. How do I order. Thanks. Lynne

  • Boof on

    Thanks Wayne. Really enjoyed this article and learning about cork production.

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