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2015 The best year ever from Dendrobium speciosums in Sth East Australia?

2015 The best year ever for Dendrobium speciosums in Sth East Australia?

All photos shown here are from our "inferior" SEASON 2014 


Reports from everyone that this may be a cracker of a blooming year for Dendrobium speciosum. 

I personally have never seen so many racemes on my orchids. Some 300mm pots are showing 15-20 racemes so far (Spikes). 

Raceme is the correct names for a Dendrobium SPIKE. 

2013 was a ripper  2014 not bad, but this year is the best I have seen. 

What’s even more exciting is that the grandifloras are budding up. These variants are very spasmodic in their blooming here in Melbourne, maybe every 5 years or so.

 So get your "slug out" slug and snail bait out and enjoy what will be a deep golden yellow fragrant spring!





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