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And another new one for the Laelia lovers - Laelia lobata delicata (concolor) 'Lush'

Another fragrant, cold growing Laelia we have made available to our customers. This sweet smelling species from Brazil is a are treat. This is the hard to obtain soft shell pink form of the species. Freshly cloned in a 50mm pot for just $12, available here.

Flower Size to 5" [to 12.5 cm]

A Brazilian, medium to large sized, hot to cool growing lithophytic species, with a solitary leaf, found on rocks high up and exposed to full sun, wind and spray from the ocean on the coast near Rio south to Sao Paulo with conical or fusiform pseudobulbs carrying a single, lanceolate, coriaceous leaf that blooms in the spring on a 16" [40 cm] long, racemose inflorescence arising from a compressed basal spathe with 2 to 5 flowers with a pleasing smell. This species does best when allowed to grow out of it's pot, often being the signal to bloom.

Laelia lobata is native to a limited area of Brazil from the vicinity of the city of Rio de Janerio southward to the north of the State of São Paulo. It is often found growing on rocks facing the ocean and fully exposed to the sun. Because of the difficulty of collecting it, L. lobata has never been in abundant supply on the commercial market, and as a result, it was not attractive to the major orchid companies of Europe during the 1800s.

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