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We are moving to all new potting medias and mixes.

Potting media

As the supply of Pine bark becomes more scarce and unstable we have been forced to try new more inert styles of potting mix. As of today we are trialling a new Perlite/Vermiculite media. The blend is 75% extra coarse perlite blended with 25% extra coarse vermiculite.

The mix is clean, hygienic and very easy to use, snow white and gold in appearance and should be wet before using to avoid dust.

We are trialing it on fresh deflasked Cymbidiums and soon on our 68mm Cymbidium mericlones and seedlings. We will only be using the blend on young plants, it there is little or no weight in the mix and larger plants would easily be blown over!.

Melbourne residents can have it posted for a crazy $8 postage. All other sales please email us for a quote as very bulky at 100 litres per bag.

Additional postage may be required above and beyond what you are asked to pay at checkout. It also cant be combined with other items. 

If you require larger quantities then please book ahead.



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  • david hobba on

    I got a bag of this mix for deflasking when I last visited AON my cucumerina, striolata , nugentii and den hybrid seedlings are loving it , highly recommend !

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