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New clonal release of Dendrobium Gracillimum 'Yondi'

We have an exciting new release added on Thursday 26th March: Dendrobium Gracillimum ‘Yondi’ from the Sid Batchelor collection. It is one of my all time favourites.

These have been cloned about 4 years ago and are now ready for sale in advanced 80mm size and the regular 50mm size also. All Dendrobiums clonally named ‘Yondi’ came from Sid who was one of the top 5 breeders of the 1980 and 90s.

Dendrobium Gracillimum ‘Yondi’ is a strong growing, mid-caned deep golden yellow. We call Gracillimum “Wattle Orchids” because of their masses of strong Cootamundra Wattle like blooms.

Sweetly fragrant and ever so easy to grow, its parents being Dendrobium speciosum and Dendrobium gracilacaule.

As this was bred over 25 years ago we don’t know what exact parents were used and Sid has passed away. Great for patios, verandas, and other outdoor positions.

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