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Slug and snail damage on orchids

Slugs and snails and garlic snails ,the year around problem. They just got me again last night. NOTE THE OBVIOUS SNAIL TRAIL


The new Cymbidium spikes are showing and the molluscs were having a feast.
Slug out is a small grained heavy snail bait that is easily thrown around and in most cases is too small a grain to harm animals unless heaped.
It also lasts for months wher as other baits go mouldy very quickly in wet conditions.
Slug and snail damage on orchids.
This is why you need SLUG OUT! 
When slugs and snail feed, they rasp with thousands of tiny teeth called radula.
Just like a file they rasp and file away plant tissue.
What happens next is scare tissue deleopes around where the molluscs eat and rasp.
When you go to stake your precious racemes on your Cymbidiums the sap vessels or sap tubes travelling up the stem are damaged.
This creates a weak point when the raceme simply snaps.
After much cursing and swearing occurs
See photos below.
The cure is to apply Slug out just as the flower buds are appearing out of the protective sheaths.
A little slug out goes a long way
Click on the link below to purchase
it is also available in larger volumes

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