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Dendrobium Beetles - Stethopachys formosa Time to revisit

Dendrobium Beetle Stethopachys formosa      The Destroyer!!!
As The Australian Orchid Nursery is located 75 kilometres south east of Melbourne we have no epiphytic orchids or ferns within 300 kilometres of us. As a result, there are no natural orchid pests such as Dendrobium beetles down here!
Our cold winters don't allow them to survive. It seems they start around Lakes Entrance in far east Victoria and then go all the way to Cape York in north Queensland. I have only seen them in the wild three times. Once at Merimbula on an isolated outcrop of Dendrobium speciosums, once at Brogo NSW, and finally on the Atherton Tableland munching on Dendrobium speciosum pedunculatums.
I would try Diazonon for an instant kill of the grubs, followed by Confidor pills to stop re-infection, then a Carbaryl spray over the leaves and blooms to take out the adults eating.
For those that like using the bigs guns for commercial control there is a PDF below on the subject. Its the online Wiley one.
If you have any tips for helping get rid of Dendrobium beetles, please comment below!
Over on our Facebook, Phil has one piece of advice that I'm sure has 100% effectiveness!
Here are some great links though to make you all experts.

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  • Clayton lomax on

    I use ordinary washing liquid dishlex actually and a drop of olive oil…no problem at all!

  • Ross Broadfoot on

    Hi,It is August in Buderim.Dendrobium Beetles are coming to our garden every day.I am doing 3 Patrols a day.We have squashed about 50 since June 1st and same number of larvae.Does anyone know if Dendrobium B.!s harbour on any other native plants. We have lived here for20 years and this is the worst start for an event that normally occurs in October.happy ? to hear from anyone! Regards Ross of

  • John on

    I have been using insect spray over the buggers whenever I see them on the leaves on my regular check for this pest. Insect spray do little harm to the native orchids, Over the years I manages to get rid of it. I normally keep a bottle of insect spray near my orchids to get the gun ready. Best not disturb the pest as it can escape, just activate the spray gun on the feeding pest.

  • innesgarner on

    Hi, i wasonce told to spray in a very fine mist allover plant with straight plain listerene yes listerene original plain,brown in colour .It seems to work for me. INNES GARNER GLOUCESTER NSW 2422 Please do not publish.

  • Lesley Hillyer on

    Incidentally, I’m in Caringbah South, which is the southern end of Sydney

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