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Oyster scale or Californian Oyster scale. The worst orchid insect on earth! Well in my opinion.

Californian Oyster scale  or simply oyster scale is an absolute shocker of an orchid pest.

My advise on its control is so simple. Destroy the orchid by disposing in the bin.

It is far too hard to control and remove. It is nearly invisable and hides down under the compost on the underside of the rhyzome

It is usually introduced in to your orchid collection by an old second hand infected plant.
Neglected, tired, dried out orchids seem to be far more prone to Oyster scale.
It is spread by its own means slowly, but is spread much faster by ants farming and moving the scale around your collection. Yes they actually farm scale for its honeydew secretions.
Should the orchid be highly valuable, emmotionally or monetry, then confidor pills and surgically removing the infected canes may work.   A drench of Diazonon is also reccomended.   AS you can see on the rolled leaf photos below, these scale seem to know how to hide so well.

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  • Wayne Turville on

    1 mill per 1 litre of diazonon
    Applied as drench on badly effected
    Or spray if lightly effected

  • Gavin on

    Wayne, can you please remind me what the proportions are for mixing Diazonon? I bought some awhile ago from you for meally bug and can’t recall. Thanks.

  • M.McCarthy on

    I’ve had problems with this pest in the past. With all due respect, your advice may well be sound on a commercial scale, but hardly practical advice for a hobbyist or enthusiast.
    A toothbrush and soapy water, along with a concerted effort, and they’ll be gone in a couple of weeks.
    A successful method of the K.I.S.S principal.



  • Robert Riley on

    Thanks wayne , Something I didn’t know about and something i don’t have, thank goodness.

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