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Update. Why we love webstyle pots. Watering orchids. Amazing root growth.


Customer testamonial

Hi Wayne,


The pots are unbelievable - root growth is exceptional.


I started experimenting with a few web pots I bought from a hydroponics shop sometime ago before you were selling them.


I cannot believe root growth even dendrobiums like Avril's Gold which don't really have a robust root system compared to others are exploding with root growth using these pots.


I repotted some large specimens into 35 litre size web pots - Holy Crab the root growth after only 3 weeks was unbelievable.


I gave a few web pots to Gerry Walsh to try this year. Will be interested to see what he thinks.


Will never use a standard pot again.





John Happ


Creating a healthy root systemn on your orchids is in most ways more importand than healthy leaves.
To see our range of web pots see here
We have always found that massive amounts of air around the orchids epiphytic roots are the most succesful way to do this.
Well lets face it ,in nature these roots scramble over rock faces or in long trails down and up smooth barks trees. It makes sence that they wouldnt want to be enclosed in an airless ,dank pot.
Terra cotta pots were all the rage once and actually grew amazingly good quality orchids. The issue arose when at repotting time the roots had fused to the clay pot!

So that brings us to the newer styled web pots.

We have them in all sizes from little 75mm ones right up to massive 50 litre sized.

By adding a three clawed hanger to the pot they can swing away up in the branches as a pot but still have a near 100% airflow through the pots.

A classic wet dry cycle of watering suits these pots. A heavy flooding watering and then a complete drying out between. 

Knowing when to water your orchids is never a matter of picking a day each week and simply every third day, its a feel you get,sort of like a an orchid water empathy!


I have always felt tank and or rainwater is better for your orchids. The chlorine in mains water MAY  effect the microbial life in the orchid compost, thats the microscopic beasties that break down the bark and other organic matter in the compost that lightly feed the orchids.

Our mains water is held in giant 25000 litre tanks and allowed to settle for a few days. Chlorine turns into oxygen and common salt after a few days.

Its only a theory and may not be anywhere near true, but somedays you can actually smell the chlorine in the tapwater.

So how do you repot the orchid when its crowded the webpot?

Simply move it up a few sizes and plant pot and all into the larger webpot. EASY!

To divide, just cut the orchid up using a new large breadknife. Saw away and the webpot just gets quartered up as well.

The rule to remember is "more orchids are killed by overwatering than underwatering"


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  • Daniel on

    I missed the line in the post that says, just pot the whole pot. pot and all into the next size! Might make dividing tricky though?

  • Daniel on

    When it comes to repot out of a webpot, do you just cut the roots off that are coming through the pot?

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