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Creating fresh juicy healthy roots on sarcochilus cuttings. With David Butlers advice and photos!

Overgrown old sarcochilus can be rejuvinated easily and divided with this simple tip.
Thanks to David Bulter for the advice and photos.
With the use of fresh live green spagnum moss, Sarcochilus cuttings with few or no roots can be bought back to life and given a fresh new lifespan.


When a Sarcochilus is divided, many of the old roods may have perished due to lack of use or by being smothered out by too many other growths.
The old and larges the speciemen sarc. is the more likely this will occur.
Also as Sarcochilus are  primarily a monopodial or  single growth  left right left right type grower they can become elongated  as seen in photo one.
Spagnum moss seems to have antifungal atributes and also releases its own home made fertilizer that incouraged new root growth.
It is also used to sprout Cymbidium back bulbs and to encourage new roots on sulky Paphiopedilums.
Once 2-3cm roots are showing just pot back into your favorite orchid mix.
No need for hormone powers and expensive seaweed tonics.

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  • Candice on

    This is wonderful advice! I have a few Sarcs that would benefit from this.

  • David Hobba on

    Great post ill be giving this a go, thankyou very much Mr Butler

  • Blue Dog on

    Thanks David. I’m quite experienced with dendrobiums but have 50 or so sarc’s, some very advanced that need separating and this is wonderful advice; very much appreciated.

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