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Cymbidium spikes are showing hard now. Its time to go and look at yours!

Cymbidium spikes are showing hard now. It’s time to go and look at yours! 

It’s that time of the year again when we get excited about Cymweediums. 

Down at the base of the newest growths the spikes are breaking open the lower leaves to show themselves. 

A simple guide is a new Cymbidium lead (forward immature growth) should have at least 7-8 leaves before it can bloom. 

Spikes, or as they are correctly known, racemes usually appear roughly around Easter each year. Certain super early such as Enzan Summer may show as far back as Christmas. 

Racemes, as we will now call them, tear their way through the lowest leaves and are always quite blunt, almost finger like and are able to be slightly squashed if pinched. 

New growths on the other hand are rock hard, sharp, and pointy and can appear at any time throughout the year. 

Simply racemes are finger like and soft and new growths are triangular and hard. 

As the season progresses I will write more blogs on the correct training and staking procedures, as this can be a little tricky.





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