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9am till 12PM  One day only 

Large new selection of Once Off specials added tommorow!

So thats what a $3000.00 sea shell looks Like!!!



  The Australian Orchid Nursery

"The Orchid Growers Supermarket"

New Zygopetalum allience crosses out today






 Lc.Burana 'Beauty' ’ new in the Cattleya section today  Flowering size $20


Carnivorous plant sales start today.

4 weeks only!


Open Monday -Friday 9-4  by appointment  


Wayne's new release for the day 03.04.2017Jonathan's Glory 'Sharna' 50mm clones $12


   Our trade mark or logo. No one ever seems to ask.? Victoria's Riflebird


We specialize in cool growing orchids suitable for garden culture in temperate regions worldwide. Australian native species and hybrids, a large range of Cymbidiums, along with other minor genus such as Laelia, Maxillaria, Zygopetalum, and cold growing Cattleya are all grown at our nursery.

 Closed Saturdays and Sundays until July.

   We are a family run business that has a focus on quick door to door service for mail and online order.
Located in Tyabb, Victoria, situated on the scenic Mornington Peninsula (65 kilometres SE of Melbourne).
Our range of Australian native species and hybrids is unmatched, with many new orchids produced by cloning and seed raising every year.
Please feel free to telephone us with your order if you would prefer.

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