Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums are the "king of Orchids"

Cool tolerant and suitable for most temperate locations worldwide, they are, along with Phaleonopsis, the most recognizable of all orchids

Easy to grow and bloom these elegant hardy orchids come in a huge range of colors, sizes and shapes.

Our range of Cymbidium seedlings and clones is one of the world's largest.

"The Australian Orchid Nursery" is a simple and convenient place to shop online for your Cymbidium Orchid Collection.

Licensed worldwide we can dispatch to any country. 

As Cymbidiums are one of the world's most popular orchids we have developed a sister information  website at

For more information  than we can fit on this single page please head over to that site.

Should you have any Cymbidium information you would like us to add to that site such as your Societies events please contact us and we will add your information.

As we Google at #1 it is a perfect way to promote your Cymbidium events anywhere in the world!

Feel free to print out our Cymbidium Orchid fact sheet.


Fact Sheets

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